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This is the "SolWest Archive",
the record of events and activities sponsored by EORenew,
a "little nonprofit that could" in John Day, Oregon.

Archived articles:

Activities and lesson plans for young people:

White papers, adult education:

Video and audio material:

Archived newsletters:

    Spring 13 (2.5MB) SolWest Preview, Lake County is a Solar Hotbed, Homeowner's Energy Handbook review, News from the Sun
    Winter 12-13 (2.0MB) Fourteen Years of EORenew, Getting More out of Your Lighting Upgrade, Annual Report to our Members and Friends
    Fall 12 (2.3MB) SolWest 2012 Summary & Future, Solar Poetry, John Day Solar Tour, Venus EV, Fairgrounds Solar History
    Spring 12 (1.3MB) SolWest Preview, News from the Sun, Energy in your Food, EORenew Members Make Transportation News
    Winter 11-12 (2.5MB) EORenew Annual Report, Lime Wind, NABCEP Solar Thermal, Getting to Net-zero
    Fall 11 (4.2MB) SolWest 2011 summary, Solar Poetry, Zero-net Energy Home at John Day Fossil Beds NM
    Spring 11 (7.4MB) SolWest Fair, Pre-SolWest Workshops, Oregon Energy News, Solar Takes Wind, EV Infrastructure
    Winter 10-11 (3.7MB) EORenew Annual Report, Heat Cost Analysis: Comparing Apples to Apples
    Fall 10 (3.4MB) SolWest 2010 summary, New Oregon RETC Rules, John Day Dolar Tour, Solar Poetry
    Spring 10 (1.4MB) SolWest Preview, Leading the Way to a Low-Energy Future, EORenew News, Footprint review
    Winter 09-10 (2.0MB) EORenew Annual Report, Grant Co Historical Museum, The Navigator, Solar Decision-Making Guide
    Fall 09 (3.9MB) SolWest 2009, Workshops, The Electric Raptor Project, Northwest News, Fall Projects at EORenew
    Spring 09 (1.7MB) Solwest Preview, Alternative School, Dealing with Urban Heat Islands, Pedaling Revolution review
    Winter 08-09 (13.0 MB) EORenew Annual Report, Solar Tour, Change the World Challenge, Tire Rolling Resistance
    Fall 08 (8.4 MB) SolWest 2008, Installation Workshop, Solar Poetry, John Day Solar Tour, Karmen Goes to Mali
    Spring 08 (5.8 MB) Solwest Preview, Alternative School, Alcohol Can Be a Gas review, Portland Business Gets Energy from Sun
    Winter 07-08 (5.8MB) Annual report, John Day Solar Tour, Opportunities in Renewable Energy, Q&A about CFLs
    Fall07 (6.3 MB) Solwest 2007, Solar Poetry, Solar Careers, Oregon Open for Solar Business, National Solar Tour
    Spring07 (2.8MB) SolWest Workshops Inspire Curriculum, SolarWorld, Groups & Educational Opportunities
    Winter 06-07 (2.2 MB) SolWest Has Wide Influence, Franklin Building Energy Makover, Oregon Projects in Mass. & Pakistan
    Fall06 (3.6MB) SolWest 2006, Billy & Bobby & Betty McGee, Solar Drag Race, Rural Development Grants
    Spring06 (2.2 MB) SolWest preview, Tax Credits & Incentives, Energy Slaves, Oregon Apollo program, Sustainable Schools
    Winter05-06 (2MB) Annual report, Buying Biodiesel in the Inland NW, Energy-effiicent and Solar Windows, OTEC candidates
    Fall05 (2.9MB) SolWest 2005, Ode to a Sunflower, Jim Slater, energy bills, Pre-SolWest Hands-on Workshop Installs System
    Spring05 (2.2MB) Powering the Good Life with RE, White Buffalo & Solar Collectors, New Solar Food Drying Book
    Winter04-05 (1.2 MB) Peak Oil: Why Should We Care?, News from EORenew, End of the Age of Oil
    Fall04 (1.4 MB) SolWest Summary, Teachers' Resource CD-ROM, Summer Intern, 2004 Solar Home Tour
    Spring04 (1.3 MB) SolWest Preview, Gov's RE Action Plan, Hydrogen News, Business Incentives for RE
    Winter03-04 (1.2 MB) Our solar-powered office, Visit to a Classroom, Tour of OutBack Power HQ
    Fall03 (1.2 MB) SolWest Summary, Photo Album, National Solar Tour
    Spring03 (3.6 MB) Classroom Visits, Refrigerator Energy Use
    Winter02-03 (5 MB) Solar Cookery, EORenew Energy Services, Tour of a Wood-fired Co-Gen
    Fall 02 (1.6 MB) SolWest Summary, Electrathon Results, Solar Water Pumping Installation
    Spring02 (1.3 MB) Financial Incentives for RE, Energy Audit Your Own Home
    Winter01-02 (1.3 MB) Passive Solar House in Sandy, How much Does Solar Cost?
    Fall01 (1.5 MB) SolWest Summary, EORenew Off-grid Office Workshop, OTEC PV Incentives

Presenter Resources from SolWest 2012: