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This is the "SolWest Archive",
the record of events and activities sponsored by EORenew,
a "little nonprofit that could" in John Day, Oregon.

RE Links and Tools

Energy Fairs:
If you can't get to SolWest in La Grande, please try to go to one of these great regional events:

Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, Amherst WI.
third weekend of June

SolarFest, Middletown Springs VT. "Energy Education Through the Arts." mid-July

Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair, Oregon IL. mid-August

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair, Fort Collins CO.

Pennsylvania Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival, Kempton PA, Mid-September

Solar Fiesta, Albuquerque NM. late September

Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg TX
late September

National Tour of Solar Homes, in a town near you!
early October

If you can't make it to a regional event, support your local fair! Here are a few local fairs in the Northwest:

Shoreline Solar Project's Renewable Energy Fair, Shoreline WA (north of Seattle), third week in July

The US Energy Information Administration has a calendar of events taking place in North America and around the World, including EIA-sponsored conferences.

Sites About Solar Living:

Our Cool House's owner writes: "Our goal was to create a home that uses the sun, earth and water to create a pleasant living environment where we can enjoy the wildlife, and which also reduces our demands on non-sustainable resources. I think we succeeded!" The site includes design & construction details, live data, and discussion forums. It's very entertaining to browse around!

Directory of RE Businesses:

The Source for Renewable Energy is the most complete listing of RE businesses on the web.

CirKits Links to Alternative Energy Web Sites

Tax Credits, Low-interest Loans, Efficiency, and Energy News:

The Oregon Department of Energy offers a little bit of everything. Find out about all the different state programs to help finance energy upgrades. There’s a story on the roots of the energy crisis. Warning: you need the latest version of Acrobat Reader to view some of the pages (anything with a .pdf extension).

DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

A Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -- a one-stop guide to everything you ever wanted to know about saving energy and making energy, from the US Department of Energy.

The Energy Ideas Clearinghouse from Washington State University and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance contains news, solutions, jobs, events and an energy library.

Energy Calculation Tools:

The GE Lighting Estimator (part of their Lighting Toolkit) helps you decide how many fixtures you really need to light an area. This estimator does not, however, include fields to enter ceiling height and surface reflectance, so it is only a rough guideline.

Home Energy Audit Tool from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs says "Investing in a home on your street could be more profitable than investing on Wall Street." The site asks detailed questions and helps you figure out what investments to make.

Groups supporting Community and Sustainability:

Oregon Rural Action has chapters in La Grande, Baker and Ontario. Their issues include clean food and renewable energy.

Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT) protects rural and urban agricultural lands from encroachment by non-agricultural uses & conducts research and education centered on the sustainable production and distribution of agricultural bounty


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RE Education & classes: The promise of a sustainable society depends on our ability to harness renewable resources link wind, sunlight, biomass, waves, geothermal heat, and rivers as well as improve the efficiency of energy used in buildings, industry, and transportation.

Oregon Institute of Technology’s unique Renewable Energy Engineering degree program prepares graduates for engineering careers in the various renewable energy industries, as well as traditional areas of energy engineering.

The Northwest Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College hosts classes around the northwest on energy efficiency, energy auditing, renewable energy technology, and other energy topics.

Mount Hood Community College's Sustainable Building Advisor Program offers knowledge and skills that respond to Northwest’s new high performance requirements for state-funded building and the growing green building movement.

Solar Energy International has hands-on, on-site classes as well as web-based learning.

Educational Sites K-12:

Energy Hog gives you an ID badge and allows you into the "Hogbusters Training Camp" where you learn to spot and defeat the Energy Hogs in your house. Info for adults, too.

New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s educational offerings include teacher primers and active classroom projects

California’s Energy Education Site starts with an interactive picture of a room. Move the mouse over objects to see where you can go from there. For both students and parents/teachers.

The Energy Information Administration Kids’ Stuff. Try clicking on Kids’ Page. Energy Ant as host, at first looks like it is aimed at younger children. However, the level of technical information is high enough that even adults can benefit from looking over the site. Take it on at whatever level you find yourself, it’s well laid out and well-presented. Other links include “Roofus’ Solar Home”, science projects, and “Ask an Energy Expert”.

Teacher Resources:

The US Department of Energy has posted their "Get Smart About Energy" curriculum online. The site contains more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. Each includes a short summary that identifies curriculum integration, time, materials, and national standards.

The Florida Solar Resource Center’s curricula page is full of great links to educational resources and activities for K-12 students.

The National Renewable Energy Lab offers teacher support, science competitions, and post-12 training opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career.

RE Publications:

Home Power Magazine: comprehensive coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, home energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, green building materials and home design, efficient transportation, and more.

AltEnergyMag.com is an online resource for the alternative energy industry to report on itself.

Home Energy provides information about energy conservation both for people who work on homes and for those who live in them.

Renewable Energy Discussion Group:

The Fieldlines Discussion Board contains threads on topics like remote living, homebrewed electricity (wind, solar, hydro etc.), non-commercial classifieds, and upcoming events. It is hosted by otherpower.com.

    Disclaimer: Do-it-yourself can be hazardous. Your safety is your responsibility. EORenew has not reviewed, and cannot endorse, any projects promoted on the internet. Always wear protective gear, take proper safety precautions, and follow all laws and regulations.

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