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Check out these photos from SolWest '13 (the last event in John Day)
...then attend this year's SolWest in La Grande, and make some memories of your own!

What an incredible learning experience! Oh my, so much to apply... (Beatty, Oregon)
(see more comments below)

This is the "SolWest Archive", the record of events and activities sponsored by EORenew, a "little nonprofit that could" in John Day, Oregon.

SolWest Fair: It's the People!

Thank you for making it possible for so many to learn about solar energy... (Melbourne, Florida) 
I enjoyed the show....GREAT classes...wonderful people!... (Aurora, Colorado)
 (SolWest is) like Christmas, New Year's and the 4th of July all wrapped up in to one... (Eugene, Oregon)
 The most inspiring speaker... sent me home with a lot to think about... (Corvallis, Oregon)
...so interesting, so multi-faceted, so exciting ...the event of the year. (Portland, Oregon)
 Solwest was an awesome experience this year with many great connections... (Portland, Oregon)
 The most interesting and worth while show I ever did... (Aberdeen, Washington)
 Too much fun!... (Eugene, Oregon)
 ... really charged up with ideas... (Dayton, Nevada)
 "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"... (Redmond, Oregon)
I think a reasonable argument can be made that for every gallon of gas burned to get to SolWest, the knowledge gained from the event will result in energy savings!... (Oakland, California)

facebook logoSee more SolWest 2012 photos on the EORenew facebook page (anyone with a facebook account can see these):

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